This color correction is a perfect example of how hair color can really enhance someones beauty.  Evalina had fragile broken blonde hair which she confessed was making her look tired and washed out.  The right color can make such a difference, her skin is so much more vibrant, and her eyes pop like never before.  I’ve always believed that when your hair looks healthy, you look healthy.  Something I’ll go into further detail in a later article, but feel it should be adressed now is that Moroccan Oil was killing Evalina’s hair.  Silicones in the oil suffocate the hair leaving it brittle and weak, and when her colorist would put bleach on her fragile hair, it was breaking off, as you can see in the before photos.  If you are using Moroccan Oil today, stop immediately, and don’t take this warning lightly.

beforeevalina before evalina before front

evalina after

after evalina after