fixing stripy highlights on a blonde


Golden Blonde Beach Hair

beachblondef beachblondels beachblonders beachblondebColorist: Stephen Garrison

Stylist: Donovan Mills


wedding hair

Okay so it’s wedding-to-be hair – we colored casey’s hair last week for her upcoming wedding.  She might be the most relaxed bride ever.  It’s pretty easy when your hair looks this amazing though 🙂
casey front finalcasey side casey back

playful blonde hair

Overly blonde hair will show harsh roots in a month, and washes out a lot of skin tones/brings out pink tones in the skin.  Go for something a little more sandy or caramel color and your skin will glow.  This is good trick for people who’s hair is too damaged to go lighter, or too damaged to go dark

Color by yours truly

cut and style Anh Co tran

katherine front sxs final katherine Lside sxs katherine back sxs

beautiful blonde hair

I don’t have any before pictures on this one, but Laura was living in the south when she came to me.  Her hair was bleach white and heavily damaged.  Now it’s got depth and strength, and she still gets to keep the blonde without being over processed.

laura afterlaura after2

gorgeous golden blonde hair

Lizzie came to me with problems that a lot of girls who want to be blonde experience.  Her roots were screaming at her and the rest of it was a patchy mess of white and orange.  It appears that someone was trying to make her into a multi-dimensional blonde.  Her highlights were over-processed, which left them brittle, white, and stripy.  To try to make her lighter overall, her base was also bumped (or slightly lightened) and then toned to remove warmth.  Over time the toner wore off and Lizzie was left with dry damaged highlights on top of orange hair.  This kind of practice is extremely common among hairdressers who simply weren’t taught any better.  You can bring in as many pictures of Jennifer Aniston as you want, but you’re simply never going to get what you want with these colorists.  Lizzie was put on hair color rehab, and after 6 months her hair color was back on track.