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golden beach hair

how to color melt hair

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Poppy Face Frame Highlights


wedding hair

Okay so it’s wedding-to-be hair – we colored casey’s hair last week for her upcoming wedding.  She might be the most relaxed bride ever.  It’s pretty easy when your hair looks this amazing though 🙂
casey front finalcasey side casey back

Maximize Your Hair’s Potential

Contrast is a point of interest to our eye.  In hair color when you have bright highlights next to darker uncolored hair, the bright pieces pop out making the other pieces appear thinner and almost non existant.  By filling in the gaps in the color, you can make someones hair appear much longer.  For a little added length, stylist Anh Co Tran put in a few pieces of extensions.  See his work here

F b4AThe dark hair underneath is masked by the bright overlying hair.  At fist glace all we see is the blonde hair that ends at her collar bone.  By brightening all of the hair underneath, it appears much longer.
b4 after SxS final B b4A sxsL b4A3There is a big gap around her face in this photo which I’ve outlined.  The contrast makes the hair appear very fine around her face, really it’s just misplaced highlights.  With the proper highlight placement you can see that the hair around her face is quite full.