Color Melting

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golden beach hair

Balayage Ombre on Dark Hair

IMG_4416 IMG_4418

Sierra Furtado’s Hair Color

sierra furtado


Beachy waves and lightened tips for Michelle

Michelle already had beautiful hair, but like many women, she was getting tired of the same hair for so many years.  Without doing something drastic, we were able to appease her need for change, but still keep most of her natural hair color throughout.  Once again the final result is that of a kids hair color who has been in the summer sun.

michelle before
aftermichelle after2aftermichelle after

Erynne gets color for first time

If you’re nervous about getting color for the first time… Don’t be… It doesn’t have to be a drastic change.  This is a very subtle and beautiful version of what is being called the ombré.  I hate to put this hair-color in the same category because it’s so much classier. Until a new phrase is coined for this, it will have to do.  With soft highlights framing the face and the ends, this color gives the appearance of being out in the sun for a summer.  You can see how much nicer her skin looks in the before and afters.  The lightness of the hair softens the red tones in her skin by reducing the contrast.

beforeerynne brown hair beforeaftererynne after1aftererynne after